Wildwood Photography

~Sharon Gates~

"Seeing the magic; capturing the feeling."

About me:

     I am a photographer because, quite simply, I like to make photographs of what I see every day. I have combined a lifelong love of country living, nature, all animals and interesting people with my passion for photography.

     Photography was not my first calling but it has always called to me. I was born into ranch life in Saskatchewan and raised with horses, eventually turning to the horse business to earn a living for myself and my three children. I bred, trained and showed quality Quarter Horses in the reining discipline and coached riders. And I took photos. In the eighties, Wildwood Reining Horses moved to British Columbia, where I continued my business to present day. I took more photos. As the years passed, I realized I was documenting my life in photos!

     When I started to write - at first, articles and poems for magazines and then, in 2010, a book, A Life With Horses -  those photos complimented my work.

     Along the way, I learned how to make better images. I am especially interested in how the photo makes me (and others) feel the emotion it evokes, the way it "speaks" to me. That's what I look for when I look through the lens.

     When someone notices one of my photos, often it is because it has touched that person in some deep way, not the pretty colours or technical perfection but the emotional response the photograph triggers.

     And so, with the encouragement of Sherry Lacey (Steel Horse Photography), I am marketing some of my best. Because horses have always been, and always will be, in my life, I have many beautiful horse images; because I don't mind tramping through the bush or up a mountain, I have wildlife images; because I have been lucky enough to be surrounded with some of the best scenery in the world, I have some great landscape photos. Photo opportunities are just out the door - wild animals, birds, horses, dogs, sunsets, weather - or on a pack trip to the mountains, a branding on a local ranch or a vacation in a national park. 

     Today I live in the Chilcotin area of British Columbia with my horses and my Samoyed dog, Mischa. My hobbies are music, horsehair hitching and braiding, gardening, cooking and sewing. Photography is now both a hobby and a business. A small collection of prints will be available at craft shows in the Okanagan in November and December. (See below) and soon can be ordered through this page.


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