The Dynasty

The Wildwood breeding program is strongly connected to a maternal line of Quarter Horses that began with one mare. That mare is Ma Dear, better known as "Duchess".  Below is a chart depicting Duchess and her descendents.

***** Ma Dear



        **** Wildwood Mahogany (Seco Top Moon x Ma Dear)



                *** Wildwood Tamarac (Solanos Peppy San x Wildwood Mahogany)



                                    ** Wildwood Destiny (Podoco)

                                                        *Wildwood Breeze (Hot Pretense)

                                                        *Wildwood Magic Miss (Listo Pollito Lena)

                                                        *Wildwood Legacy Lace (Listo Pollito Lena)

                                                                        * Wildwood Perfect Six (Walking With Wolves)

                                                        *Wildwood Honor (Listo Pollito Lena)

                                                        * Wildwood Sable (Running With Wolves)

                                                       * Wildwood N Whiskey (Walking With Wolves)

                                    **Wildwood Kokanee (Goldrush Kid Bonanza)

                                    **Wildwood Promise (Doc Freckles Leo)

                                    **Wildwood Whisperin (Chics In The Male)

                                                         * Wildwood Splash (Running With Wolves)

                                                         * Wildwood Cameo Rose (Walking With Wolves)

                                    **Wildwood Harmony (Peeping Bo Badger)

                                                        **Wildwood Splendor (Sonita Oakolena)

                                                        ** Wildwood Cactus (Running With Wolves)

                                                        ** Wildwood Peace (Running With Wolves)

                                    **Wildwood Soul O Silk (Dox West Gray)

                                                        ** Wildwood Sapphire (Running With Wolves)

                                                        ** Wildwood Feather (Running With Wolves)

                                    **Wildwood Badger (Peeping Bo Badger)

                                    **Wildwood Champagne (Chics In The Male)

                                    **Wildwood Eagle (Listo Pollito Lena)

                                    **Wildwood Courage (Shawn O Lena)



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The photo below shows Duchess and some of her descendents (1999)