January 13, 2013 - Wildwood Reining Horses releases first of a series of ebooks to help reiners. Spin Fixes, a Kindle ebook is now published and available through Amazon.

Spin Fixes is a reference manual for riders of reining horses. Fifteen common spin problems are listed with a clear explanation of each problem and detailed solutions. It is the goal of the author to give riders the tools to help their horses achieve a higher level of performance. If a rider does not have access to or cannot afford a coach, the Kindle edition of Spin Fixes can offer immediate help - in the arena, at the show or at home. If his horse having a problem with a spin, he can bring up Spin Fixes on his smart phone or pad, find on the appropriate chapter, read the exercise (possibly while still sitting on his horse) and improve the maneuver.
Several photos are included and a quick reference included for ease of use.
Spin Fixes is the first of a series of Handbooks for Reiners. The second in the series is Stop Fixes, to be released spring 2013.

By downloading the Kindle app for Kindle readers, computer, smart phone or pad, 

Price: $9.99

BUT for two days, January 12-13, 2013, Spin Fixes is absolutely free! Click here... for Amazon.ca