Wildwood Reining Horses moves to the Chilcotin

December 22, 2006 -  On December 22, 2006 I packed my belongings, loaded my dog and three of my horses and moved to the Chilcotin plateau west of Williams Lake BC. A beautiful 93 acre parcel of land on the Chilcotin River had beckoned me the first time I saw it in September and I couldn’t forget it. It needed some work to make it horse friendly, but the potential was there. In November I purchased.

            Wildwood Reining Horses is now located 7 km past Hanceville and a kilometer west at 6651 Highway 20. The yard site is hidden in a tall stand of Douglas fir that provides shelter and filtered light for my buildings and arena. From the picture window and deck of the rustic log house is a spectacular view of the Chilcotin River and below, by the river, is pasture for my mares.

            With minimum effort I will expand the existing outdoor arena to 80 feet x 200 feet. The ground is level, wonderful fine sand – reiner’s sand! In the spring I will build a large run overlooking the river for my stallion prospect, Running With Wolves, another large paddock on the treed slopes visible from the house for my brood mares when they foal and a few smaller ones scattered on the slopes for turn-out and visitors. Before another winter I will build a small barn.

            As I write this, it is -30 degrees. I can see Wolf in the log round pen that is his temporary home. I blanketed him for the first time last night. A few feet away in another temporary round pen of panels my two and four year old reining mares are standing under the not-too-warm sun. They are frosty, but well-fed, healthy and contented.

            Wildwood Reining Horses, now in its 30th year, will continue to operate here. I will train and coach, host clinics and/or camps, breed and sell reining horses. Future events will be posted on my web site.  I hope also, to ride a few of the many historic and scenic trails in the area.

I miss my brood mares and performance mares presently boarded in Armstrong and I plan to haul them home in February. Three are expecting foals by Whiz N Tag Chex, the first Wildwood babies to be born in the Chilcotin.


View of Chilcotin River from the house The house in winter View from my desk looking southeast