May 1, 2001 – Things are really "popping" at Wildwood Reining Horses in the last couple of days! After making us wait a full year, Wildwood Mahogany (age 21) gave birth to a bay colt by Peeping Bo Badger on April 30th. Sharon had sold Mahogany in 1989 and we bought her back in 1999 (basically bringing her home). She "lives" with her mother, now 35, the two of them are inseparable. Mahogany tolerates no one but Duchess around her little guy.


Then last night, May 1st, Wildwood Destiny presented us with a most beautiful bay filly by Hot Pretense. This is a precious package for Wildwood for a whole lot of reasons, the top two being that she is the great-great granddaughter of Duchess, the first of a new generation (that makes five generations on Wildwood), and that she is a replacement for the first Wildwood Destiny/Hot Pretense filly we lost in 1998. We have named her "Courage" for the strength and heart we know she has. She is carrying on the Wildwood name and she looks like she is deserving of it.

These two babies will be shown off at Duchess’ party May 12th, the latest additions to a dynasty of wonderful horses springing from that one mare.