Wildwood Tamarac delivers a colt after six fillies

Badgers a dandy!!!Wildwood Badger arrives on April 25, 2000

 April 25, 2000 - What a colt he is! What a body! What a mind! What a personality! Badger is little brother to six sisters - Wildwood Destiny, Wildwood Kokanee, Wildwood Promise, Wildwood Whisperin, Wildwood Harmony and Wildwood Soul O Silk. He got his name because hes double bred Peppy San Badger - twice back to the famous Little Peppy! This charming little guy is sired by Peeping Bo Badger (by Peppy San Badger) and of course Tamarac is granddaughter of Peppy San Badger through Solanos Peppy San.
Badger thought he should live with us in the house from the beginning and he just about did. He is extremely quiet, an attribute in his favour when he had some problems that resulted in surgery and a long recovery period. He has won us all with his intelligence and courage.  Hes a fighter!