These poems are for your enjoyment. I have written a couple of them and A Horse's Prayer was written by my mother. The others are ones I like. If the author's name is not on the poem, it is because I do not know who it is. Please email me at wildwood with your comments.

                                                                                           A Horse's Prayer         - Florence Gates

                                                                                           The Lonely Ride - Sharon Gates

                                                                                           Twin Spirits - Sharon Gates

                                                                                           Don't Cry For The Horses - Brenda Riley-Seymore

                                                                                           In Memory of Ruffian - Prefontaine

                                                                                           Hoofprints In The  Sand

                                                                                           Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

                                                                                                When I Am Old


A Horse’s Prayer


O Maker and Keeper of Horses, please hear me

For I sorely need your thy help.

Give my long and spindly coltish legs fine bone

Make my barrel long, my chest both wide and deep.

Give me wide-set eyes and nostrils flaring outward.

O, give me this!


O Lover and Watcher of Horses, please hear me

For I need thee!

Give me grass and range to run, not smooth and padded for I need the obstacles

That I may learn to stumble not.

Give me fresh air and water clean

That I may always have the good clean blood

That thou created in me.


O Master and Guardian, hear me,

For I call and need thy care.

Give me when I am strong enough to ride, a trainer kind and calm.

Find me a gentle  hand to guide,

A firm and purposeful one to right me when I am wrong

O Maker, give me a rider

Who is at least as wise as I!


~ Florence Gates ~ copyrighted



The Lonely Ride


If you ever feel discouraged,

Take your horse out of his stall;

Slap a saddle on his back;

Step on and leave it all.

Let the cares of daily living

All be blown from your mind

By a freer way of thinking

Than you have left behind.


Feel the sun upon your body

And the wind upon your face;

Let your faith be in yourself

And all the human race.

Know the peace of open country

Shared with a faithful friend;

You’ll leave with spirit lifted

Until you come again.


Let your horse be your companion

And your Maker be your guide.

As you set your pace to His

On this, your lonely ride.


~ Sharon Williams ~

copyrighted 1990



Twin Spirits 

He rode into her life

                And she into his

Like twin spirits

Meeting on familiar trails

                Seldom touching

Yet always sharing each other

                In true friendship

And warm compassion.


They ride side by side

                And single file

With equal ease.

Sometimes hurting and despairing

                But never angry;

Often laughing and triumphant

Always trusting

And completely comfortable.


If one rider falls,

                Will the other stumble

With indecision

And turn aside so as not to see

                The pain?

Will the bond be broken the?

Will riding out be as easy

As riding in?


Or will the sure-footed one

                Extend a strong hand

And offer support

Until the balance is regained?

                Of course.

For friendship is part strength,

                Part vulnerability,

And love.


Perhaps they will someday ride

                Along separate paths

That may not cross again.

And with heartfelt encouragement

                And no regrets

Continue on chosen trails

                Apart, but warmed

By each other.


So side by side, single file

                Or with miles between

The bond endures –

Needing, yet not needing,

                Always there

Until the sun has set upon

                The last ride

And beyond.


~ Sharon Williams ~

copyrighted  1989


Don't Cry for the Horses 

Don't cry for the horses

That life has set free

A million white horses

Forever to be


Don't cry for the horses

Now in God's hands

As they dance and they prance

To a heavenly band


They were ours to borrow

But never to keep

As they close their eyes

Forever to sleep


Their spirits unbound

On silver wings they fly

A million white horses

Against a blue sky


Look up into heaven

You'll see them above

The horses we lost

The horses we loved


Manes and tails flying

They gallop through time

They were never yours

They were never mine


Don't cry for the horses

They will be back some day

When our time has come

They will show us the way


Do you hear that soft nicker

Close to your ear

Don't cry for the horses

  Love the ones that are here!


Brenda Riley-Seymore



In memory of Ruffian


 In '73, at the end of the year,

Big Red finished his stunning career.

Critics said the chances were slim,

that there'd soon be another with a stature of him.

But few months went by when at Belmont track,

the crowd was enchanted by a streak of black.

Just a baby in a maiden race,

a record was equaled at an easy pace.

This horse, this champ was not male;

it was a filly these crowds did hail.

Hearts she broke, and dreams she tore;

never was a horse like her before.

Humiliating the best of the best,

she tore up the track from east to west.

The filly handed out defeat,

and every mare she met, she beat.

On the kingly sport's other side,

the division of colts had found its pride.

His coat a rugged chocolate brown,

few of his type could take him down.

A race of the century was arranged,

the two would meet with history changed.

Eye to eye; princess to prince,

a race like this has not been since.

The princess listed at two to five,

by a crowd to see their heroine thrive.

They broke together, boy and girl;

the great match race was about to unfurl.

Neither horse would lose the least,

the heart commander of this rugged beast.

To the backstretch the royalty came,

awaiting the hope of eternal fame.

But the princess harbored plans of her own;

to his majesty, her tail would be shown.

All eyes were on the darker bay;

with such a force she pulled away!

So loud the massive crowd did cheer,

there was a sound they could not hear.

With a sudden, grueling crack,

the princess was falling back!

 The announcer's horror stricken voice,

made the call without a choice;

"Ruffian has broken down!"

The world was left with but a frown.

But down the track she tried to hop;

that filly was not going to stop! 

Her heart to strong to let her give in;

she ran 'til her ankle was dangling by skin.

 Her jockey pulled with all his might,

but could not stop her futile fight.

While her heart fought on, her body could not,

as the fates wove out her tragic plot.

Later that night the doctors slaved,

in hopes the filly might be saved.

Finally they set a cast,

and watched as the sedatives passed.

 Amidst a race, the filly woke,

gaining again with every stroke!

And all the doctors watched with fright,

as she flung her legs with all her might.

The cast was torn, each screw and bolt;

she had to go back and catch the colt! 

A chance at life, there would have been,

if it not for her will to win.

Since her time, there's been many a star:

 Slew, John Henry, the mighty Cigar.

 But still the legend burns like fire,

of the horse whose heart would never tire.

 This precious life could not be saved;

 she rests beneath a flowered grave.

 The needle met the noble hoss,

 and cost the world its greatest loss.

 One more round of blood to pump,

 her heart gave one last mighty thump.

 With history lurking by her side,

 she gave her final breath and died.


- -by "Prefontaine"



Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep


Now I lay me down to sleep,
Hay in the stalls is ankle deep,
My mares are standing with their foals,
The geldings are now gentle souls.

As we approach into the night,
I pray Guardian Angels will take flight...
And nestle down into the hay...
Protecting them till comes the day.

Let neither colic, cough nor croup,
Disturb the slumber of this group,
Let mares and foals come to no harm,
Bless the stallions in the barn.

And Lord as I rise before the sun,
Let my chores be thankful ones,
Feeding hay and pouring grain
Brushing coats and grooming manes.

As I stand and watch them eat,
I marvel at these gentle beasts
Or watch them running, wild and free
It's your Creation that I see.


(author unknown)


When I am Old...


I shall wear diamonds
And a wide brimmed straw hat
With ribbons and flowers on it
And I shall spend my social security
on white wine and carrots
And sit in the alley way of my barn
And listen to my horses breathe.
I will sneak out in the middle of a summer night
And ride the dappled mare
Across the moonstruck meadow,
If my old bones will allow.
And when people come to call,
I will smile and nod,
As I walk them past the gardens to the barn
And show, instead, the flowers growing there.
In stalls fresh-lined with straw
I will learn to shovel and sweat and wear
hay in my hair as if it were a jewel.
And I will be an embarrassment to all
who look down on me
Who have not yet found the peace in being free
To love a horse as a friend,
A friend who waits at midnight hour
With muzzle and nicker and patient eyes
For the kind of woman I will be

When I am old.


(author unknown)


Hoof Prints in the Sand


Ever since I can remember I have wanted

to be free,

To roam the gorge and mountain tops

with no-one chasing me,

I've longed to travel to a place that nature holds to heart,

and live a life of freedom that no-one

can tear apart.

to run along the beaches and leave hoof prints in the sand,

and feel the water splashing, oh now

wouldn't that be grand,

To munch the fresh new pasture as it breaks through natures soil,

Or even have my ears scratched by a friend forever loyal.

But time is running out and I feel

darkness has awoke,

To cover all the hope and all the dreams

of which I've spoke,

I feel him walk toward me with that needle

in his hand,

I close my eyes forever, leaving hoof prints

in the sand.