Ma Dear (Duchess)

Duchess is the foundation of Wildwood Reining Horses, but she never reined. She was bred to run, in fact and her pedigree is highlighted by racing Quarter Horses. 

 Sharon purchased her from Birdtail Ranch in Simms MT in 1968. She was 2 years old then. Duchess has enjoyed a career that included racing, steer wrestling, ranch horse and children's horse, but it was in barrel racing that she made her mark.  She is still alive today and looking ahead to her 36th birthday in April. Her daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter are expecting foals. 

  At left: Duchess doing what she loved the most  at the Canadian Rodeo Finals in Edmonton in 1974.






Above: Duchess (left), daughter Mahogany, granddaughter Tamarac, and 6 great granddaughters! (photo taken in 1999)  Tamarac has had a colt, a filly and another colt since this photo was taken and her daughter, Destiny has produced three daughters - the fifth generation of this great mare!

  A Poem for Duchess