Who is Sharon?

    I have been in the horse business longer than I care to admit.  I was born on a ranch and have ridden all my  life. I grew up in the Coteau Hills between Beechy and Kyle Saskatchewan on the family ranch. My father was Slim Gates, calf roper,  trick roper and rancher.  My mother, Florence, was an excellent horse woman but also taught school and loved to write. I rode on the ranch, to school and just for fun. My first horse was a quiet little brown mare named Pronto. I also had my first fall off of Pronto - head first into the buck brush when my mother had to stop her running after a herd of horses. (The only reason I was on the ride is because I was relentless begging to go!) I think that was when I learned I must get right back on the horse!

     I married young but continued to ride in between children. I  barrel raced, trained horses, coached riders and have shown in many events. Now I compete in reining almost exclusively. I have added the  Working Cowhorse class and I think the event must have been made for me! What fun!

     Wildwood Reining Horses originated in Crooked River, Saskatchewan in 1977 as primarily a training business. In fact, the business was named Wildwood Training at that time. As I gradually gravitated to the reining game, I changed the name. I now breed, raise, train and show reining horses and coach riders from beginners to advanced.

    In 2002 I started another business designing databases - for horse people and businesses, of course.

    I  love my horses, my dog, my kids, all wildlife and the outdoors. I  combine all these with pack trips to the mountains whenever I can, and always take the camera, as you can see if you check out the photography part of the page. Other hobbies are gardening and cooking.


    The first Wildwood foal was born in 1978, a black filly named Wildwood Majesty, the second foal of Ma Dear (Duchess). Since then many good Quarter Horses have carried the "Wildwood" name.

    Wildwood Reining Horses is a full time business for me. I are not only owner, but also operator, which means I am the one making the trip to the barn morning, evening and many times in between. I wouldn’t want it any other way!



And for fun My Authentic Self

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