A Life With Horses

An  impassioned account of the many ways horses have nourished the author's spirit.

            by Sharon Gates

            * 360 pages, soft cover paperback, includes 175 black and white photos.

            * ISBN  978-1-4251-7987-8



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A Life With Horses is the personal account of a life journey in the company of horses. From the author's earliest memories in the Coteau Hills of Saskatchewan to her present home in the Chilcotin region of British Columbia, A Life With Horses, chronicles her experiences with horses and how they contributed to who she is. "Horses are the constant that define me."

The story begins with a childhood daydream, followed by a brief introduction to the author's parents and grandparents and an overview of the family ranch in Saskatchewan. The first part of the book relates childhood memories of growing up with horses on the ranch; the second part centers around marriage, children, and riding on a Community Pasture and the barrel racing circuit. Managing a horse training and coaching business in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia provides many stories for the remainder of the book, along with showing and trail riding experiences. In part five, broodmares and foals take center stage.

Woven through the stories is a thread of horse love, a connection to horses that will not be broken. Throughout changes in home, family and location, horses (sometimes the same one) provide stability. There can be no doubt that A Life With Horses is a story with a message of the dignity, grace, patience, courage and humility learned in the company of horses.


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