Sharon's Year in Review 2019


January 12 - Not much snow!


January 27 - The Christmas Cactus continues to bloom.


February 4 - My 75th Birthday...celebrated with Shayne and Lana

Lana and Hugh brought food and decorations. The cheesecake was delicious!


My neighbour, Terra, brought me this cake, decorated by her own hand. What a talent!


My new tattoo to mark a landmark birthday.

This is my favourite mare, Silk, on my arm. She will now be with me forever.


March 11- Riding in the snow covered field behind my property. This is Cameo.


April  5 - Spring project #1 - Build a raised bed in front of the deck.


April 12 - And then more snow!


April  14 - Spring project #2 - Plant evergreens along north fence for windbreak. I dug these up on the back of my property to transplant. I am well aware I will never see them fulfill their purpose but someone will.

I am aware I will not see these make any difference but someone will...

April  19 - Connecting with my very good friend, Vern (now living in Austria). Good times!


April  28 - Another snowstorm and  April 29 - a pretty sunrise over the snow.


May 2 - Hopefully the last time I see the white stuff until fall!


May 11 - Spring project #3 - Get the chainsaw out and start cutting the poplars encroaching on my  pasture.

Note: Project #4 was spraying the fields for wild caraway but I don't have a photo of me with the sprayer strapped to my back. It was a really ugly job to deal with a ugly, invasive weed I never heard of before . It was literally taking over my pasture. The bad side of spraying is that I cannot use the manure for my garden as it passes through the horses and will kill plants. I learned that the hard way.


June 4 - Took Mischa to B.C. to breed to Ch. Crisandi's Sky's A'Blazin'  aka "Brett"


June 7 - Visiting with long time friends, Mae (center) and Leslie while I was in B.C.


June 5- I was thrilled to see Lezley Wright, who was fighting cancer, in her beautiful home in Vernon. Sadly, Lezley lost the battle six months later. Lezley is Mae's daughter (above photo) and I have known her since she was a child, going back to Bjorkdale, Saskatchewan. Rest in peace, Lezley. You fought hard.


June 7 - My  second cousin (not sure that is correct), Rosemarie, now living in Parker Cove between Armstrong and Vernon.  We had not seen each other in many years and couldn't miss the chance to catch up a bit. Rosemarie is the daughter of my grandfather's sister, Winnie.

June beauty - A spectacular sunrise and a rainbow.


JJune and July - I fell in love with these parrot tulips that I never grew before, so much so that ordered more of different kinds in the fall for 2020!


July 7 - My new friend, Diana from Nevada, visited for five days. We rode every day but on this day, Marion hauled us to Ya Ha Tinda. Diana got along very well with Cameo and I rode Mistral. Bottom photo of both of us.

We were lucky. It rained so much this year and we narrowly missed the lightning/hail storm that dumped on us on the way home. Marion pulled over to let it pass.


July - Roses in bloom. I missed the roses I had  in the Okanagan so decided to do something about it... with hardy roses. I may do a rose garden next year.


July 28 - A very pregnant Mischa trying to keep cool. She was very uncomfortable at this stage and not eating. I knew it was going to be a big litter.


August 1 - I am eating from my garden. The strawberry patch I started when I moved really produced!


August 8 - Mischa and her nine puppies. The birthed eleven but sadly, in spite of my efforts, we lost two.

Click here to see puppies at five days old


August 17 - Mischa and her family at two weeks.  I was still sleeping beside them at this time.

Click here to see puppies at two weeks.


August - My attempt at a "fairy garden".


August 26 - Mischa and her puppies  at three weeks. They are piled upon each other. So cute!


September  5 - Puppy cuteness overload!


September 5 - Flower explosion


Cone flower and blanket flowers


The beautiful Rio Samba rose and petunias


September 12 - An armful of puppies!


Feeding the gang.


September 14 - I finally choose the one to keep. This is Shiloh.
Shiloh and the dandelion
Best we could do of a photo of all nine puppies - with Larissa and Lana

"Under September 20 - Exploring the yard. The puppies are spending quite a bit of time in the outside pen and when I feed, they are allowed to run out, do their business and explore. Toward the end, I could only keep track of two at a time! Busy, busy, busy!y"


September  23 - No frost yet and yard is lovely.


September  24 - This is my attempt at getting a photo of all nine puppies with me - by myself! It did not work well.


September  29  - First snow of the season - the same day the new owners are coming for their puppies!  From this day until October 2, seven of the eight puppies I was selling went to their new homes.


October 4 - Shiloh,, floppy ears, Samoyed smile and nose in my slipper. She loved those slippers so much I gave them to her... until she chewed them up.


October 8 - Here we go again. This is fresh. The first snow had melted.


October 9 - And then there were two. . . The last male puppy,, Ushka, did not leave for B.C. for a few days after the others. He and Shiloh became best of buddies and I almost had two because Ushka was the most loving little dog. So different than Shiloh, who had no time for such nonsense. Ushka literally clung to me when I passed him over to his new owner. Made me feel like I was giving my child away. He soon forgot me I am sure as he went to a loving home. I love these photos of the two of them.


October 10 - And then there was one... impish Shiloh.


October 19 - Granddaughter, Adara Morrow, graduates from University of Lethbridge with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. So proud of her!


October 22 - Harvest was late, late, late in Alberta and many did not get crops off. The farmer who owns this  huge field of barley behind my property  was racing against the weather this day. There were four outfits in the field - one combining, one picking up grain, one baling and one picking up bales. He still has 300 acres of canola under snow.


Shiloh  growing up - "sitting" on her bed and shredding my paper for me.


December 6 - Remember my spring project clearing poplars? Finally, I could safely burn them. Took a little diesel to get it going though...


Shiloh, the "elf on the shelf"!


Hugh, Lana, Adara, Larissa and Larissa's boyfriend brightened my Christmas Day  and we feasted on turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie. Mischa and Shiloh kept things lively too.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020!

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